SABS Certified Balustrades

Wondering If You Need SABS Certification on Balustrading?

Wondering If You Need SABS Certification on Balustrading ?

It is important to note: Balustrading requires approved and complaint installation in accordance with SANS 10400


Safety is one of the most important elements of any building. The safety element is overlooked  because it is frequently disregarded due to affordability and price.

The installer must be familiar with the latest SANS specifications.

According to the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), balustrading is a structural system that impedes accidental or inadvertent passage of people and objects between the areas that it separates. The national specification body South African National Standards (SANS) prescribes the rules, regulations and legislation applicable to construction safety in South Africa.

If your balustrades are not installed under the SANS guidelines, this can result in a structural failure or injury at some stage.

There are different requirements for balustrades used in residential areas than those used in public areas. Balustrade safety regulations in South Africa for residential require a air gap no greater than 100 mm anywhere in or along the system, and it should have a  height of 1 meter.

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