National Building Regulations: SANS 10400

Systems designed with your safety in mind

By ensuring that the job is done right the first time, you can avoid any unforeseen costs, damages or even tragedies later down the line. Ensure you select the right product for your scope of work and application for intended use. It is the sole responsibility of the owner to be compliant.

Should you be uncertain if your balustrade system is compliant for its intended use or you just want clarity on the Regulations before you purchase, do not hesitate to ask, we will gladly assist. EZRails® is the leading authority on design and manufacture of balustrade kit systems for over 2 decades.

EZRails® has gone through the arduous and costly processes, ensuring all our balustrade designs fully comply with SANS 10400 (Architectural) 10104 (Hand railing and Balustrade safety aspects).

We would like to bring the following to Architects, Builders, Inspectors, Engineers and property owner’s attention. EZRails® has worked closely with SABS by testing and having our balustrade systems tested and certified by SABS for your peace of mind.

EZRails® has a team of experts waiting to hear from you to assist in any balustrade questions you may have. Feel free to meet with our experts to help you design a safe balustrade to suit your scope of work.

Please note that notwithstanding the fact that our products are tested to ensure compliance with the standard it is the sole responsibility of the Client & installer to ensure the compliance of the completed installation and we can take no responsibility in this regard whatsoever.

The safety of the balustrade installation is dependent not only on the strength of these components and products used but also on the correct use and specification of these products and the professional installation thereof. Balustrades are structural systems that impede accidental or inadvertent passage of people and objects between the areas that they separate.

Legislation governing the general design on balustrading varies from country to country. It is therefore imperative that customers are familiar with their legislative requirements and whether any formal testing or accreditation is required prior to a product being purchased and installed.

The height specification of balustrades are 1mtr high. The general design rule also varies with South African legislation stating that barriers should be designed so that the widest air gap in the barrier allowance of 100mm without in-fill deflection (refer SANS 10400-D: Public Safety). In some of the foreign markets that we service the allowable gap between air gaps are larger.

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