Balustrade Legislation


The Balustrade Regulations Interpreted By DIY Experts

Educating The Balustrade Industry, User, Home Owner & Contractor on the Balustrade Safety Regulations Aspects.

Legislation governing the general safety aspects on balustrading varies from country to country. For example, an accepted design in South Africa for Stainless Steel balustrades makes use of horizontal filler bars. This design is considered safe in public areas , even residential deemed fit for purpose.

The general legislation also varies in South African legislation stating that balustrades should be so that the widest air gap in the balustrade does not permit a sphere(Ball) of 100mm diameter to pass through, (refer SANS 10400-D: Public Safety) In some cases 600mm air gap is fit for purpose allowable air gap (Knee Rail). In some of the foreign markets we manufacture and supply the allowable air gap between in-fills,  from 100mm to 600mm apply to fit for its purpose.
It is therefore imperative that local & foreign balustrade installers / users are familiar with their legislative requirements before placing an order and before installation. The balustrade installer / user has to provide their own compliance certification and guarantee their own workmanship, by way of engineering sign off. It is not the responsibility for EZRail® Balustrade Solutions to provide engineering sign off for installation and workmanship compliance on a supply only basis. Terms EXW.

The South African National Building Regulations refer to:

  • SANS 10140 : Handrailing and balustrading (safety aspects)
  • SANS 10400-B : Structural Designs
  •  SANS 10137 : The Installation of Glazing in Buildings
  • SANS 10400 Parts 1 to 8 : Basis of Structural Design and Actions for Buildings and Industrial Structures


  • Why you should use EZRail® Balustrade Kit Systems on your projects over traditional outdated methods!                             The unique patented safe, cost effective design , designed and manufactured 100% locally for South African conditions, by EZRail® Balustrade Solutions. Do away completely with outdated  traditional balustrade designs and inefficient installation methods!  No welding by design sets EZRail® Balustrade Kit System apart from traditional inefficient methods!  EZRail® Balustrade Kit Systems added design features by latest innovative designs and technology used though out the pre manufacture process. Not having to measure and drill staircase angle holes to accommodate infill tubes is a game changer. Having the flexibility to adjust your staircase in-fill angles and configurations on site by simply twisting the connector to suit the stair angle is a game changer in itself.  Top rail connector design accommodates any stair angle without the need to cut, weld,  join, grind and polish. Therefore, EZRail® Balustrade Kit Systems are made 2 order, with basic assembly on site. However basic engineering principals apply to the installation. Safety aspects by EZRail® Balustrade Solutions SABS Certified and Tested, provides assurance that the product is safe for its intended use only.
  • Difference Between  Installed Balustrades and Supply Only Balustrades?                                                                                  Installed balustrades are installed by a competent  balustrade installer, responsible for his own workmanship. Complies and personally certifies his work is to code and acceptable workmanship.                                                                                                                                                      Supply only options, are the sole responsibility of the competent user / installer, to certify his own workmanship and complies with building codes. The manufacture or supplier for balustrade, Made 2 Order kits,  is not responsible / liable for incorrect use and not applying the regulation codes, for its intended use. Most importantly, workmanship must comply to the standards set.

Balustrades Compliant Fit for Purpose?                                                                                                                                                                  EZRail® Balustrade Solutions,  7 x infill rail system, the gap turns out to be 100mm which is compliant. The codes are very specific as to what these minimum airgaps can be designed and manufactured for scope of works. Not all rail systems require 7 x infills. In some cases a  2 x infill, or 5 x infill are compliant. Vertical Balustrades designed with 100mm vertical fillers, is fit for purpose and acceptable.

  • Glass balustrade post design with glass clamps,  are designed to accommodate 8mm TSG glass is fit for purpose and is acceptable.
  • Cable balustrades design has 9 x infills by design to accommodate flex and 100mm air gap and is fit for purpose and is acceptable.
  • Pool enclosure designs with TSG 12mm, floor mounted channel, spigots, stand offs, is fit for purpose and is acceptable.           
  •  Made 2 Measure Balustrades Kit Systems                                                                                                                                                EZRail® design and manufacture, made 2 measure balustrades kit systems, made 2 order, and manufactured to suit the client requirements. The designs of the EZRail® balustrade kit systems are based on ease & safety, providing high quality products,  manufactured to ensure your balustrade is manufactured to high standards.
  • Are DIY Balustrades Tested and Safe?                                                                                                                                                                Large investments, time and effort, design, testing, manufacture, consulting  to make sure that EZRail® balustrade systems are manufactured with the highest quality materials and meet all safety standards. Complies 100% with SANS requirements.
  • Welded Balustrades vs EZRails® Connected Balustrades                                                                                                                                  Welded balustrades are not always ideal in aesthetics. Grinding, welding and polishing are unsightly, creating cross contamination. Connected joints are far stronger and safer and causing no contamination.
  • EZRail® balustrade kit system requires no welding.
  • SABS Certified & Tested                                                                                                                                                                                                SABS Certificate advertised is not a certificate for final sign off for your DIY project. SABS certificate provided by SABS is to certify the design and product complies to code. However the competent installer bears the burden to provide compliance on site and workmanship.
balustrade legislation
EZRail® Balustrade Horizontal Tube Kit In-fill – 100mm Ball test.
balustrade legislation
EZRail® Balustrade Horizontal Tube 7 x Line Kit System
balustrade legislation
EZRail® Balustrade Kit Infill Measurements for 7 x Line Kit System.


balustrade legislation
EZRail® SABS Tested Horizontal 7 x Line  Balustrade Kit System
EZRails Balustrade SABS Test Report page 1
EZRails Balustrade SABS Test Report
EZRails Balustrade SABS Test Report page 2
EZRails Balustrade SABS Test Report
EZRails Balustrade SABS Test Report page 3

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