Frequently Asked Questions

You, or architect, need to familiarize yourself with your local building code requirements as these may differ from area to area.

YES, Our systems fit any stair and landing configurations you may require. Fits any stair configuration! Flexibility to respond to changing customer needs! We have clever fittings which allow you to adjust to any angle and configuration.

Very easy to use, Drill/plant/assemble. Discover how effortlessly you can create highly challenging connections within seconds using the stair and straight sockets. Our systems are designed for your convenience. Our Project guide rates, skill 3/10 and hard labour 4/10.

NO, it’s all in the design! There is very little too think about, No hassles, just assemble. It’s all in the design!

Top Rail Connectors, Straight is used for straight sections and stair is used for the stair sections.

No, our handrails are totally weld-free and very easy to install. Our modular technology design requires no special fixings, All exposed joints are hidden from view. Most orders (handrails) are pre-prepared in our depot and require only site assembly. Balustrade systems constructed from 50,8 main posts, 38 center posts, all upright posts are complete with core drill fixing, Post fix, Side fix, Thread fix and Wood fix options. (Where necessary) see attached. The upright posts will be supplied with complete ready to install posts for your convenience. Glass brackets, tension-wire fixings and tube rail brackets supplied complete for your convenience. Anyone with a basic knowledge of DIY or any builder should have no problem installing our handrails. All our systems are designed for the novice DIY’er.

We send out all orders on a next day carrier service.

Delivery will be charged additionally

Yes we do. Once posts have been installed measurements are then taken.

Measure total distance required. Use the online Build A Balustrade system to calculate the costing for you, in 3 easy steps. Choose Style Choose Fixing options Enter your measurements

EZRails Post Kit Systems do not use this method of mounting your post. As its unsafe. The EZRails post mounting method is easy to fix and far safer.

No welding is required on most systems. When placing order, the non welding option must be specified.

Easy, your ready made post is supplied complete ready for site assembly. Simply adjust your top rail and infills to suit your staircase angle, without drilling or welding.

Product designed for self-assemble on site. Bill of materials is automatically generated. This option requires welding. Designed to accommodate any stair angle.

Factory Assembly is manufactured complete ready to assemble on site. This options requires, drawing or photo to confirm correctness. Bill of materials is automatically generated. This option does not require welding. Designed to accommodate any stair angle.

Place your order. Quotation is automatically generated. Book an installer. We offer complete service.

The system is designed to accommodate any stair angle, by simply adjusting the clever designed fittings to suit the stair angle.

Self Assemble supplied complete in kit form ready to assemble on site. Save Time & Money with this option.

You get a complete balustrade kit system, Top rail, infills, all fixing options provided, ready to install.

Yes! for option factory assembly ready made. To check correctness of site configuration.

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