Maintenance and Cleaning Routine on Balustrades

Care, Maintenance and Cleaning of Stainless Steel

It is important to wash your stainless steel balustrading regularly to keep the surface clean from unwanted contamination.

For best results use mild detergent and warm water followed by rinsing with clean cold water. Repeat this routine if needed.

Please Note: Do not use cleaners containing Muriatic or Hydrochloric acid. Such cleaners will cause corrosion to all Stainless Steel Surfaces. Muriatic acid is commonly used for cleaning grout on tiles surfaces, when used even the fumes will cause corrosion and affect your balustrades. 

If salts and other contaminants are left to build up they can cause a brown stain on the surface of the stainless, known as ‘tea staining’ (note this is not rust). Tea stains can be removed with a tea stain remover, however if you leave it too long it will involve a lot of elbow grease!  Always wipe in the direction of the grain and never use an abrasive cleaner or cloth as these will scratch the surface of the stainless steel.


Keep it clean!

Our tips for a premium quality outdoor finishes even grade 304 & 316 used for coastal conditions & exposed to extreme conditions of use,  Use soapy warm water every few weeks depending on conditions.

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