Side Wall Mount Hand Rail

Side Wall Mounted Handrails: Improving Style & Safety

Side Wall Mounted Handrail
Side Wall Mounted Handrail
Meranti Side Wall Mount handrail with Stainless Ends
Meranti Side Wall Mount handrail with Stainless Ends
6m side wall handrail kit
6m side wall handrail kit

Do you want to improve your living area’s style and safety simultaneously? You may need to consider side wall mounted handrails as a solution. We’ll go deep into the topic of side wall mounted handrails in this extensive article, covering everything from installation and upkeep to benefits.

Advantages of Side Wall Mounted Handrails

There are several advantages to side wall mounted handrails that can enhance both the beauty and safety of your area. Let us explore the reasons for the exceptional quality of these handrails in every setting.


Prioritising Safety

Side wall mounted railings are the best when it comes to safety. By offering support and stability, they lower the chance of mishaps. It can be really helpful to have a handrail to grab onto when negotiating a staircase or just strolling down a hallway, particularly for elderly or disabled individuals.


Elegant and Adaptable

Not only may side wall mounted handrails increase safety, but they can also make a room look better. You may select railings that go well with your interior decor because to the variety of materials and treatments that are available. These railings may be customised to fit your own taste and are designed to go into any environment, traditional or modern.


Redefining Convenience

If you’re searching for extra convenience, installing side wall mounted handrails is a wise decision. They facilitate daily chores by offering a firm hold and support while you move. It is now easy to help young children keep their balance or carry objects up and down stairs.


Setting Up and Keeping Up

If you have the necessary equipment and a little do-it-yourself mentality, you can install side wall mounted handrails. Here’s how you can begin:

1.  Assemble Your Supplies.

Acquire the required tools, such as a drill, a level, wall brackets, screws, and the handrail itself, before you start.

2. Determine and Label

Determine the height at which you want your handrail to be and note where the wall brackets should be placed. Make sure they are absolutely horizontal by using a level.


3. Put the wall brackets in place

Drill and screws should be used to fasten the wall brackets to the wall at the designated locations. Ensure that they are firmly in position.


4.  Attach the railing

After securing it, slide the handrail into the wall brackets. Verify that it is steady and level.


Tips for Maintenance

It’s easy to maintain the handrails set on your side walls. Keep an eye out for any loose brackets or screws and tighten them as necessary. To maintain the handrail looking its best, clean it with a soft cloth and a moderate detergent.


Common Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Is it okay to use side wall mounted handrails outside?

A: It is possible to install side wall mounted handrails outside, but it is crucial to choose materials like treated wood or stainless steel that are intended for outside use.


Can I install side handrails fixed on the wall by myself?

A: You can install them yourself, but if you’re not sure you can do it well, it’s best to have expert assistance.


Do side railings put on walls adhere to safety regulations?

A: Sure, they can offer vital support to users and meet safety regulations when built correctly.


I want to match my decor, therefore is it possible for me to paint the handrails on my sides?

A lot of handrails can be painted, so you may make them match the colour scheme of your room.


What height is appropriate for railings mounted on side walls?

A: While there is no set standard height, it is generally advised to position them 34–38 inches above the stair tread on stairs and 34–36 inches above the floor in hallways.


Are side wall mounted handrails OK for use in homes and businesses?

A: Indeed, side wall mounted railings are adaptable and appropriate for usage in both homes and businesses.


Side wall mounted handrails bring convenience, style, and safety to any area. They are a great addition. These handrails will help you achieve your goals of improving interior design or making your home more aesthetically pleasing. They are a sensible option for improving your living space because they are simple to install and require little upkeep.

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