In this article, we compare the key features of a traditional balustrade and the EZRails® Next-Gen Balustrade.

EZRails® Next-Gen Balustrade

Let us compare the key features of traditional balustrade and EZRails® Next-Gen Balustrade

EZRails® Next-Gen balustrade Installation Time: Traditional balustrades can take days to install. In contrast, it can be installed in just a few hours. This rapid installation is made possible by the precision-engineered components that fit together seamlessly, reducing the need for extensive on-site alterations.

Ease of Installation: Traditional balustrades often require complex installations, including welding, which demands specialised skills. EZRails® Next-Gen balustrade features a simple self-adjustment system to suit your site conditions which makes installation quick and straightforward. This simplicity means that less experienced workers can perform the installation, reducing reliance on high-cost specialists.

Labour Costs: The complex installation process of traditional balustrades typically results in high labour costs due to the need for specialists. EZRails® balustrade with its easy assembly, reduces labour costs significantly. This cost-effectiveness extends beyond labour, as the reduced installation time means fewer days of disruption and potentially lower overall project costs.

Why choose EZRails® Balustrade?

Opting for the EZRails® Next-Gen balustrade, offers businesses and homeowners, not only a modern and aesthetically pleasing solution but also practical benefits that save time and money. The sleek design of EZRails® balustrade complements any office, or home décor, adding a touch of contemporary elegance.


For businesses and homeowners, looking for an efficient, cost-effective, and smart balustrade solution, Ezrails®’ Next-Gen Balustrade is the perfect choice. With its innovative system, advanced capabilities technology, and the convenience of an online balustrade estimator that provides instant pricing. Receive 10% off for your efforts, these balustrade systems offer everything you need for a modern environment. Investing in EZRails® balustrade means investing in a solution that brings long-term benefits in terms of cost savings, installation speed, and workplace comfort.

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