Frameless Glass Side Mount Profile Rubber 500-001

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Frameless Glass Side Mount Profile Rubber 500-001

The EZRails Glass Side Mount Series railing system is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The most frequently used areas are hotels,  public  spaces, public buildings,  offices, houses with modern design and villas.

Frameless glass gives a balustrade the look of luxury and a style that is timeless. Our extensive range of fully frameless toughened safety glass balustrades just cannot be matched.

Unlike the existing systems, the outer cover can be installed from inside before mounting the glass, and no extra operation is required.

  • Easy for self-installation.
  • Brand new glass holder system allows us to mount the system in all unbalanced and problematic surfaces.
  • With its unique plastic structure inside, allows us to align the glass approximately 3° on both sides. Each glass base sets have glass alignment apparatus inside. Also has 2 separate glass alignment apparatus on the point where 2 glass meet, we can align both glass panels.
  • Suitable Glass , 12mm to 22mm & 8+8mm laminated glass and suitable for private homes, workplaces, hotels,  public areas, stadiums and so on.
  • The EZRails system will be the best solution for anyone who is solution-oriented. The system provides maximum durability with minimum labour. it is also a system to be used in any project thanks to the glass adjustment.
  • The EZRails systems are commonly used in European Countries. It offers maximum robustness and maximum safety.


  • 500-001 Profile Rubber
  • Sold per Meter
  • used for front cover 6147
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