Frameless Glass Balustrade Floor Channel Base Set 6142- 150mm

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Glass Base Set 150mm


Brand new design, A12 glass holder system allows you to manage the system in all unbalanced and problematic surfaces.
With its unique plastic structure inside, this system allows you to align the glass approximately 3° on both sides.

Each glass base set has glass alignment apparatus inside. Item, 500-112 has 2 separate glass alignment apparatus and if you put item 500-112 on the point where 2 glass meet, you can align both glass panels.

Design A12 is suitable with 6+6 mm laminated glass and suitable for private houses, workplaces, hotels, public areas, stadiums and so on.

Frameless Glass Floor Mount Base Set 150mm

  • 12mm Glass
  • Glass Base Set 150mm
  • Adjustable bracket for glass panel for alignment
  • Manual adjustment
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 4 cm

Glass Floor Channel

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