Build A Balustrade

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Build A Balustrade

"Off-The-Shelf" EZRails® Standard Modular Balustrade Post Kit System

Our standard products are dedicated to supplying you with a range of “off-the-shelf” products with smart assembly features without the hassles.  
Stock line is a service created to guarantee stock of our most popular products on a daily basis. If you are looking for a custom design, please refer to custom made section. 

Build A Balustrade is easy to use, designed for the DIY’er and the professional alike.     

The benefits of using the Stock line service are:

  • Reduced delivery time (usually 2 days)
  • Made 2 Measure, Self assemble options with set options
  • Build A Balustrade, Self assemble with no limits
  • Easy to assemble on site, it’s all in the design.
  • Cuts installation time by a third which saves time & money  
  • Flexibility on projects. No payment issues. Be in control of your project.  
  • Accommodates any staircase angle
  • Accommodates any configuration
  • Skill Level 4/10
  • Difficulty 3/10  
  • Effort 2/10   
  • Simple seamless installation process
  • SABS Certified & Structurally Tested by engineer for your peace of mind
  • Structurally engineered & tested to meet specification set for todays designer trends.  
  • Easy to order
  • Only use hand tools
  • Saving you time and money
  • Locally manufactured

*Dependent on stock availability

EZRail Handrailing Systems are Complete, Ready to assemble, Self-Connecting Kit Systems, easy to install, saving you time and money, interior and exterior railing system. The system is suitable for all configurations and stair angles, after choosing posts and handrails, choose an in-fill, Horizontal Tube, Glass, Cable, Pool, Side Wall Mount Handrail. The handrail (top rail) supplied is 6 meter in length and can be joined together for longer runs. Tubes can be cut to size with a hacksaw or an angle grinder. Fits any angle of stair. Simply adjust the pre made post in-fill jointers to your required angle, no complex tools needed.

Side Wall Mount rails are also available as standard.

  • 50,8mm Top Rail stainless steel tube in 6 meter lengths
  • 50,8mm Top Rail Maranti wood in 3 meter lengths
  • Post spacing should be 1,2m  apart
  • Horizontal Tube in-fill. The quantity of In-fill options to be specified by the client, Please check your local building code regulations before placing your order.      
  • Glass posts supplied with glass, 8-10-12mm options. Glass options to be specified by the client, Please check your local building code regulations before placing your order.      
  • Cable posts sold complete with 4mm cable and fittings
  • Side Wall Mount handrails are sold with handrail and brackets complete. Offer loose components or factory fitted  
  • 1m High post.
  • Pool posts 1,2m high post. 
  • All our hand rail systems are tested and approved by SABS and meet all international standards set.  
  • Domestic and commercial applications
  • Recommended for exterior or interior use
  • No Elbows, No Welding, No Drilling. “Just Connect It!”  
  • Tubes can be cut to size with a hacksaw or an angle grinder
  • All our systems are pre- manufactured complete, self-connecting, ready to assemble kit systems, for any application  
  • Quick and easy assembly – DIY friendly
  • All our systems are available within 24 hours of order placement. (This product is in high demand to avoid disappointment place order timely)       
  • Easy assembly, no special skills required, basic hand tools
  • Available in Stainless Grade 304L (inland) & Grade 304L (coastal) with Satin and Mirror finish, Mild steel primed with power coated options (Available on request).   
  • Homeowner & Client  is responsible to verify code compliance
  • Self install is undertaken at own risk. Basic engineering principles apply. 
  • We offer install options at a nominal fee. 

You need to supply us with edited photos and a simple line drawing of your balustrading requirements. Our Made 2 Measure concept is simple. You measure it, 'we supply it'.  With your drawing and photos, we will provide you with all necessary material to complete your project from the beginning, right through to the very last thing, including, Top Rails, Infills,  End Posts, and Center Posts. 

Please note: it’s the sole responsibility of the purchaser to provide all the required information as requested, simple line drawing for post start and end, length and photo to check your configurations.                                                                  

NB: We do not need angles of stairs to complete your project.

 Installations are based on basic engineering principles, just connect it together!        

Where needed, EZRails can provide technical assistance. 

Benefits from using our Kits:   

  • With our unique patent design for the Do-It-Yourself market, you do not have to be a professional to do a professional installation. Now you can install your railing project faster and more cost effective than ever before.
  • With EZRail, you can install tube, glass, cable, pool balustrades and hand railings with unprecedented speed. We supply you with a strong (38.1 mm) and (50.8 mm) stainless steel post system in your choice of eight distinctive designs for both commercial and residential applications. Your kit will also contain your selection of In-fills (Cross tube, Glass, Cable, Pool Rails, all in Standard Stainless Steel finishes).
  • Secure installation, EZ-Rails ensures that its railings are manufactured to very high fixing specifications for your project. The actual site often presents various challenges for the installer. EZRail offers a full range of fixings, top mount, side mount, thread fix, or core drill. For any kind of substrate, tiles, marble, concrete, wood, steel etc.  All tested by SABS and approved by SABS.
  • You simply plant the pre-manufactured posts provided from the kit, cut to size, and designed for round post applications. You can install complete railing systems with minimum effort and time.
  • The secret lies in the clever design. All assembly points are hidden. The stainless steel pre- manufactured posts ensure a strong, secure assembly. 

What you get:

A ready-made Stainless Steel System to be used with your choice of Railing Infill

  • Post Kits Designed for Interior or Exterior Hand Rail Applications.
  • Fully Fabricated and Ready to Install
  • Choose From Diameter Posts (50.8 mm) or (38,1mm) Round Posts
  • No Special Welding or Fabrication Required
  • Easy Slip Fit Design
  • Non-Welded Mechanical Connections for Speedy Job Site Installation
  • Clean Vertical Lines
  • Various Infill Options to Select From
  • Top Mount and Fascia Mount Options Available. 
  • Low Maintenance 304 Alloy Stainless Steel
  • Standard (1000 mm) Post Heights Available
  • Our Post kits are sold complete with top rail and infills, such as Tube, Glass, and Cable.The quantity of In-fill options to be specified by the client, Please check your local building code regulations before placing your order.      
  • Our Systems are SABS tested and approved.   
  • We also provide fixing solutions for fixing your posts to concrete, steel and wood (SABS tested and approved).

How it works:

The unique design system of EZ Rails makes ordering a new rail, balustrade or staircase as easy as counting from 1 to 3:

  1. Decide on the product you wish to install
  2. Send EZ Rail a photograph and measurements of your site area (a rough line drawing is sufficient) we don’t need stair angles. Just a rough configuration of layout. 
  3. Choose whether you want to ‘Install-it -Yourself’ or if you prefer our professional team to install for you. (If you choose the easy Self-Install option you will receive a free step-by-step installation guide in video or print with your ready-made kit)
  4. We will send you a quotation via email.
  5. We offer a full sales support backup with our highly trained technical team

Your complete ready-made kit order will be ready within 2 to 3 days from receiving full payment (anywhere in Africa) (This product is in high demand to avoid disappointment place order timely)       


Tools you may require for your project include:

  • Tape measure
  • EZRail post level
  • Masonry SDS drilling machine with a 14mm drill bit 
  • 115 Angle grinder or pipe cutter
  • Marking pen


  • Pre-manufactured standard modular designed systems
  • No complex tools required
  • Site assembly only. Install your handrail with confidence self-connecting pre-manufactured balustrade kit systems.  
  • Full detail quote within minutes 
  • On site within 24 hours from date of order.
  • Sales, trained professionals ready to take your call 
  • High quality stainless steel balcony and staircase systems in, Grades 304, 316, Titanium and NCC Coating.
  • Available in six different colours and finishes to match surroundings.
  • Elegant & Simple
  • Same day installation and resale of products
  • Contractors: by using our products, you can reduce costs, achieve better quality and be in control of your projects  
  • All items in stock